7 Compelling Reasons to Invest in a Drone

7 Compelling Reasons to Invest in a Drone

Drones are becoming increasingly popular for a wide range of reasons, and in this article, we will walk you through 7 compelling reasons why you ought to buy one!

Without further ado, let’s get started, shall we?


1.      Real Estate Photography

Whether you are a realtor or a homeowner looking to sell, drones are excellent for real estate photography as they allow you to capture distinctive and immersive stills, along with videos. They truly work wonders at capturing the best of real estate properties, and from a commercial prospective, the real estate industry has much to gain from drones.

It can allow you to give your listings a remarkable imagery and graphics as drones can allow you to capture stunning aerial stills and videos, which will certainly catch the attention of potential buyers. When buyers shopping for homes come across aerial imagery and video footage of the actual listing, they are much more interested in viewing the property and putting in a serious offer.


2.      Agriculture & Farming

Real estate certainly isn’t the only industry that has embraced the commercial usage of drones, but in fact, farming and agriculture has witnessed multiple developments that make drones a great advantage to monitor and inspect your farm.

If you are a farmer who wants to innovate agricultural practices with high-end and user-friendly technology, investing in a drone is where you need to start. A drone will allow you to collect significant data about the health and condition of your crops, and it will make monitoring the entire farm much simpler and easier.

There are multiple drone companies that are focused on innovations to improve farm management and upkeep, such as identifying the health of crops, the amount of pesticides required, the ideal timing for harvesting and the water requirements of the crops. Come to think of it, farmers have much to gain, as drones will help them reduce both, time and effort when it comes to the challenges of farm mapping, scouting and crop rotation.


3.      Professional Photographers

Are you a professional photographer who gets commissions for weddings, portraits, videography and more? If yes, that you must add a drone to your photography arsenal as it will give you a serious competitive advantage over all your competitors. It will allow you to make immersive aerial imagery and capture emotions from across the room, reducing your effort and fatigue.

Drones really make it much easier for photographers to capture images from unique angles and dimensions, allowing them to implement their perspectives in the best possible way. You can really polish your work by testing the limits of your creativity, and capturing shots from places you couldn’t even imagine accessing.

Photographers who own drones are a popular choice for weddings, family gatherings, portrait and photo sessions and other events because they offer clients distinctive imagery that ensures that not a single moment has been lost.


4.      Investing in New Technology

Majority of those who invest in drones are individuals who adore investing in the latest technology, much like the feelings of those who owned and operated computers back in the 80s. Drones are the hot new technology that has invaded every single spectre of human life, even entertainment, and the best part is, drones are so much more useful than most other innovations we welcome into our lives.

Drones give you a coolness factor and since the market is still burgeoning and growing, you can enjoy the appeal of owning a drone just for the thrill of it.


5.      Blogging & Vlogging

Drones are immersive and fun, and what makes them really functional is the user-friendly manner of capturing a unique and mesmerizingly engaging footage. This is a powerful advantage for all those who want to create immersive video graphic content, especially YouTube bloggers and content creators.

A drone can really add the zing into your creativity by allowing you to capture the most unique shots that are utterly fascinating for the viewers. Since social media is already overflowing with content and videos, users don’t really want to see another video that doesn’t add value to their day.

Armed with a drone, you can create immersive and stunning travel photography that is not only appealing to the eyes, but extremely informative. For those who are not interested in travel blogging, drones can also be used to film makeup and cooking tutorials, DIY hacks and much more. It’s almost like having your very own TV show.

The best part is, drones really make it easier for those who don’t have much experience in videography and editing to create videos that have rich and attractive visuals. Once you have a footage containing the most stunning and engaging aerial imagery, all that’s left to do is some subtle editing. Isn’t that fabulous?


6.      Increasingly Affordable Prices

The greatest reason to invest in a drone right away is the fact that given the ignited demand for commercial drones, they are becoming increasingly affordable. You can pick out a consumer drone for as low as $80 and as high as $4000. However, the drones that are budget-friendly are less sensitive, easier to fly and immersive in usage.

Even consumer drones ranging from $100-$300, such as F-11 Pro, come equipped with a powerful range of features, such as the return-to-home feature, which guides the drone back towards you. Drones within this budget also have impressive cameras that shoot well and help you create immersive and high quality imagery. However, if you seek a high-end camera setup with a gimbal to stabilize the video, it is important to increase your budget. But keep in mind that starting below a $200 price tag will allow you to try your hands and gain experience at different models and varieties, and you can always keep innovating your drone arsenal to experiment with other quality drones.


7.      Social Media Fan base

A good selfie is all it takes to get those likes rolling in on Facebook and Instagram, and if you really want to make an effort to get the best pictures for your social media feed, it simply doesn’t get better than a drone’s aerial photography.

Investing in a budget-friendly drone will certainly work wonders at improving your selfies game, and you can make sure everyone gets in the picture if you have a particularly large family. If you are a budding photography enthusiast and adore taking pictures of you and your family, just for social media, adding a drone to your arsenal will certainly make your imagery the talk of your social media circle.