Trends in Drone Technology 2019

Trends to be Observed in Drone Technology & Advancement in 2019

Over the years, the drone technology has innovated a wide range of industry practices, along with providing inexperienced individuals with the tools of creating immersive graphics and visuals. In 2019, the world has embraced drones with its arms wide open, and the trends for this year indicate wide-scale progress, innovation and growth.

Let’s take a look:

Drone Technology Mainstreamed

While Vloggers, social media influencers, security establishments and media houses are popular users of the drone technology, in 2019, it is expected to spread across multiple industries, including, construction, engineering, agriculture, mining, oil & gas, telecommunications, public safety and a lot more.

The industry is now moving beyond the provisional benefits of drones, and companies across the industries are now expanding their operations to benefit from the abilities of drone’s to view beyond their limited sight of operations.


Worldwide Boost in Growth

Given the fact that majority of the countries across the world have implemented the rule of one pilot per drone operation, last year, more than 10,000 drone operators got themselves registered and certified. Keeping in mind these statistics, experts believe that the numbers of organizations with drone programs are expected to increase even further.

In 2019, drones are being mainstreamed across the industry and their commercial and corporate uses are increasing. The progress and growth is expected to be slow and steady, however, the increasing reliance on drone technology will boost revenue generation for drone manufacturers and businesses using drone technology for their advantages.


Mining to Welcome Drones

Mining firms and industries are largely relying on drones to reduce the time durations and expenses involved in conducting open-mined surveys. In the mining industry, challenging terrains and unpredictable hazards are two major reasons why the use of drones is increasingly important. Drones will allow companies and governments to overview and monitor mining regulations even when the miners are not at work, making the process much more cost-efficient and timely.


Imaging Software Advancements

2019 is expected to be a highly productive year that will witness impressive developments and advancements in drone technology, including new imaging sensor integration and advancements. Drone manufacturers are increasingly working on fusing RGB, thermal imaging, and data obtained from IoT sensors with orthomosaic to boost drone capabilities.

The industry is also abuzz with drones powered with artificial intelligence (AI) to promote cloud-based machine learning, predictive analysis and more. At present, the industry provides various AI-based drones that allow image-recognition, machine vision and a lot more.